1.Will the ring or bracelet fit my finger or wrist?

Yes,the rings are all ADJUSTABLE to fit any size finger and the bracelets are cuff style and can also be sized to fit.

2. How do I size the ring?

Turn the ring up side down and hold it firmly with your non-dominant hand.  Place your thumb  in the middle of the ring shank, holding the decorative part with your index and middle finger, individually bend each side of the ring shank (with your dominant hand) inward.   

3. Is the jewelry really Vintage?

Yes, really Vintage, they are created from Vintage jewelry which are all unaltered and in their "original" form. The ring bands and decorative pieces are new. These beautiful pieces of history made it this far and with gentle wear and care you will enjoy it for many more years to come.

4. How do I clean my beautiful new vintage piece?

You can shine/clean with a jewelry cloth (available for purchasing on this website under Jewelry/other). Remember TO NEVER put  YOUR VINTAGE DESIGN IN WATER, always take your ring off  before washing your hands and please DON’T forget it by the sink, someone will be very happy to have found it! Always store your new vintage design in the velvet pouch that comes with every purchase and avoid prolonged contact to extreme heat  or cold. 

5.What if I don’t know which fabulous piece to purchase for a friend or loved one?

If you are uncertain which one to choose, please call us at 310 594-5660 to order a gift certificate and we will send it to you. The receiver will be happy to have a choice.

6.What if my vintage piece of jewelry breaks?

If the vintage piece arrives loose or disconnected from the ring shank, we will happily repair it. If the vintage piece breaks from careless wear or if it was put into water, we cannot take responsibility. REMEMBER: this is a one of a kind, unique piece that has NO replaceable parts.

 7.What if I just don’t like the color or style?

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with any design or product you purchase from us. Return it unaltered within 10 days and we will  replace it or refund your money, whichever you prefer.

                       RETURN/REFUND POLICY 

If an item is damaged due to water or heat exposure or careless use there is no refund or exchange.

If you receive a damaged item or it is not what you ordered, or you are not satisfied with your purchase, you MUST contact us within 3 days of receipt. We must receive your return within 10 days or we will not be able to honor your request.

Our jewelry and accessories are offered with free shipping, meaning shipping has been included in the total price of the order. If you return your purchase you will be responsible for the return cost of shipping. You will be refunded the purchase price less our actual outbound shipping cost.

In the unlikely event you receive a product that is incorrect or damaged, e-mail us at renee@reneevintagedesigns.com within 3 days after receiving your merchandise to inform us before sending it back. If the item was damaged in shipping to you, we will help you with the insurance forms, but do not send the item back, as that voids the insurance claims.



Fast shipping using U.S. Postal Service priority mail. Purchases are carefully boxed and beautifully packaged ready for gift giving or keeping. Items are shipped with insurance and confirmation.

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